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Our Approach

Kilco have a strong belief that high quality information security services and advice should be available to all businesses irrelevant of their size or turnover. We regularly speak to businesses that are concerned about information security risks but when faced with resolving the problem they fear large bills for new technology, additional staff and long-term auditing or testing schedules from external providers. The true reality is that information security is about more than just technology. A large majority of information security breaches aren’t as a result of technology failures; they are as a result of human error or staff being exploited unknowingly.

Kilco offer bespoke training packages to help solve this problem. Our training courses are available as either private sessions for one organisation or public sessions where individuals from a variety of organisations can attend together. Private sessions can be held on customer premises or at an external venue with the target audience and content agreed in advance. Public sessions are organised throughout the year at venues in cities across the country. Upcoming public training courses can be seen on our Security Awareness Training page.

It is important to note that technology does play a key role in information security, especially in an increasingly online world. However, it plays an equal part alongside staff awareness and training. To help organisations with their technology requirements we offer Cyber Security Assessments, Social Engineering Campaigns and Auditing packages tailored to an organisations needs. What makes us different, is how we deliver these packages. In-line with our commitment to making high quality information security services available to all sizes of business; we have broken down our information security services into 3 key stages:

Risk Identification

Creating a list of vulnerabilities or weaknesses present on a system, within a company policy, on an application or amongst staff.

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Risk Assessment

Assessing the potential impact of identified risks as to what information could be stolen, damage to reputation could be done or cost that a business may incur; if the vulnerabilities or weaknesses were exploited.

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Risk Treatment

Applying controls to the identified vulnerabilities & weaknesses to mitigate the potential impact of a risk; by either reducing the chance of the risk occurring or lowering the cost to the business if the risk did occur.

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Separating our consultancy services into 3 key stages, gives customers the flexibility to choose the exact components of a package which they require and apply it to a specific area of their business or infrastructure. This allows us to deliver our services in a more targeted and efficient manner than traditional ‘holistic’ offerings; allowing our consultancy to be delivered at a lower per day rate, which a business of any size can afford.