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Cyber Security Assessment

Stage 1 - Identification

We create a list of vulnerabilities present on internal PCs/servers, external servers such as websites, software packages or mobile applications. This list can then be reviewed by an organisation so they can take steps to resolve the vulnerabilities and improve the security of their systems.

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Stage 2 - Assessment

We will simulate an attack against vulnerabilities identified in a Stage 1 assessment. It is commonly known as a penetration test and aims to give an organisation an insight into what impact vulnerabilities could have if they were exploited by an attacker.

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Stage 3 - Treatment

We can help an organisation mitigate risks identified during a Stage 1 or Stage 2 assessment. This is achieved by applying controls to vulnerabilities which lower the likelihood of them being exploited or reduces the impact to the organisation if they were to occur.

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Our Cyber Security Assessment service focusses on identifying, assessing and treating vulnerabilities contained within an organisations internal infrastructure, external infrastructure, mobile applications or software packages. As with all of our services, stages can be purchased individually or together. If you have a preferred IT provider, consultant or in-house team which can already perform some stages but not others; we are more than happy to adapt the service to your requirements.


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Stage 1 – Identification

A Stage 1 Cyber Security Assessment uses the latest automated tools to scan existing infrastructure and applications for known vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can include outdated operating systems, insecure coding, misconfigured firewalls, and lack of endpoint protection amongst many other examples. At the end of the assessment, the customer will be given a report containing a list of vulnerabilities which have been found on their infrastructure or application.

Stage 2 – Assessment

Stage 2 Assessments aim to dig deeper into the vulnerabilities found in a Stage 1 Assessment through a practice commonly known as ‘penetration testing’ or ‘ethical hacking’. Our team of penetration testers will simulate an attack against IT systems to try and assess how much damage each vulnerability could cause if it were exploited. The customer will then receive a formal report detailing how much impact each vulnerability could have alongside a session with one of our team explaining what each area of the report means in an understandable format. This then allows an organisation to plan how much money to spend on each risk based on its potential impact. After all it doesn’t make sense to spend £1000 treating an insecurity that could only cause £100 of damage.

Stage 3 – Treatment

The Stage 3 assessment service is where our ‘testing’ role transforms into a consultancy role. We will work with an organisation and give advice to help them address the risks found in a Stage 1 or Stage 2 assessment. This may involve Kilco giving advice to internal IT resources or a preferred IT provider on how to address the vulnerabilities. If there is no existing IT department/provider, we will assist by finding the customer a reputable IT provider who can assist in resolving the issues in the most cost effective way. We will also provide IT assurance through this process to make sure any services offered by third parties are fit for purpose and will deliver maximum benefits.