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Kilco Information Security Solutions was formed in 2015 and specialises in the provision of information security training, auditing, penetration testing and consultancy. We are a sister company to Kilco Software and Support which has over 19 years of experience in the successful delivery of end-to-end IT infrastructure and software into the secure environments of the custodial sector. We differentiate ourselves in 2 key ways:


Making Information Security Understandable

All too often, when organisations are looking for information security services; they are presented with long technology lists, confusing acronyms and an expensive price tag to go with it. This has resulted in many businesses believing that implementing robust information security practices is unachievable without a large budget and an internal team of experts set aside for it. Therefore they are left feeling helpless when facing the growing number of cyber threats and are left vulnerable if they were ever attacked.

Fundamentally, we want to change that. Information security doesn’t need to be expensive, neither does it need a specialist internal department to support it. At a basic level, it’s about risks and how those risks are controlled. Organisations deal with risks on a daily basis, whether it be financial risks of losing a major customer, HR risks of a key staff member leaving or health and safety risks of someone injuring themselves. All of these challenges are dealt with on a daily basis by implementing processes which reduce the chance of them occurring. Information security can be treated in exactly the same way, the risks just need presenting to a business in a way they can understand; rather than in a complex technical report.

For this reason, all of our services include a time allocation for our staff to sit down with an organisation and explain the reports we provide in a way that is understandable and relatable to the customers industry or role. Our training courses are built on the same principle; we use comparisons and examples which the participants can relate to on a daily basis; making the information security equivalent simpler to understand.

Making Information Security Accessible

We’ve already mentioned the misconception that security needs to be expensive. Sadly due to there being a huge demand for information security services and a relatively low supply; high price suppliers are common in the industry. This has the adverse effect that small to medium size businesses often feel they can’t afford to solve their security challenges.

This is where we’re different. Our sister company has built itself on a model revolving around fair pricing leading to long term customers. That is the reason customers who first used them 19 years ago, still use them today. Kilco Information Security Solutions is no different, we have broken down our audit, testing and consultancy packages into 3 stages to empower the customer as much as possible. If a small business just wants to purchase 1 stage of a service to get them started on the right path they can, if they want to purchase further stages in the future; that option is also open to them. Similarly if a large organisation has some expertise and wants to complete individual stages of a service themselves, they can. We will just help to fill in the gaps that they need us for. Our training package prices are constantly reviewed to make sure they are as accessible and affordable as possible for everyone.

If you need advice or assistance choosing one of our services which is right for you or your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.